Jun 26, 2012

Cats Playing Tetherball

Remember tetherball? The game where you have a ball on a string attached to a stick and you kind of whack it around and around and whoever winds it around first wins? Well, it turns out tetherball is the perfect cat game!

Watch at these to fancy-pawed felines fight it out for the tetherball title!

NOTE FROM CUTE: We've had some really great Cutes in the past couple weeks, so I just want to do a little round-up in case you missed any. These are really worth the watch!

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  1. I thought Tuesday's you featured Moo and Pimp? 

  2. Ahhhhh! You're right! So off from the BlogPaws conference this weekend still. Thank you! We'll do it tomorrow! Hope they're not too mad at me. ;)

  3. Yes I am missing Pimp and Moo today! :-D

  4. That is a goatload of cute alright!

  5. Great - I love seeing pictures of them every Tuesday. 

  6. uhm this should still count as TWO cats tuesday...plus one of em is a cow kitty! just sayin hehehe!! i did miss the boys today tho :) 

  7. They were pretty good with that ball and didn't seem to lose interest.  I think you should enter them into the kitty Olympics.
    I'm sure they'd medal in the tethered ball category.  They showed amazing balance and cooperation.  


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