May 31, 2011

Cat Shell Game

There's no fooling this smart kitty! Her human puts a treat under one of three walnut shells and then shuffles them around to mix them up.

Do you think Frida knows which one the treat is under when their done? You bet your sweet whiskers she does. And what concentration, too!

Thanks to Cat vs. Human and Catsparella for sharing this cute cat shell game on Facebook!


  1. Kitty should get the treat every time she guesses correctly!

  2. Hmm...bootiful, smart AND can detect treats???Girl of my dreams!!!

  3. OMC! That kitizen is very smart! Mummy, get some shells out!

    Xanthe xxx

  4. and who says cats aren't intelligent. They are just great! love it she is too cute!

  5. Oh goodness, that is cute. I want to try that with a couple of mine. She got that treat at the end. Good for her. Take care.


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