Jun 1, 2011

Time Lapse: Puppy to Adult in 40 Seconds!

Dunder the German Shepherd grows up right before our eyes! His owners took pictures of him as he was growing up and put them all together in one time-lapse video.

What a fun idea! Such a fun idea, in fact, that Dunder's video has almost 3 million views (as of today) and they only posted it a week ago!

Dunder has a Facebook page, too. Cute is definitely a fan!


  1. It is cute they took the photo in the same spot all the time.

  2. That was really neat an if ever I were to have a dog, it would be a German Shepherd! I have always liked that breed.

  3. That was interesting and neat. It would be fun to do and to keep. 

  4. You should get Rumblemum to do this with Hamlet!


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