May 29, 2011

Playing with an Otter

At the San Diego Zoo, the otters swim in a giant tank and you can walk right up to the glass and say hi, take pictures... or race them!

Otters are super playful, and this little boy found out the cute way! He runs alongside the otter's tank, and the cute otter swims next to him from one end to the other and back. And again. And again.

Makes me want to go to the zoo now!

BONUS CUTE: Did you know baby otters like cat toys?


  1. LOL, I think the otter wins! I heart otters! :-)

  2. That was too cute. You think that otter liked that kid?? Take care.

  3. he he - that is so funny.  The sea otter really likes running with that little boy.  

  4. I don't know who is having more fun - the otter or the little boy!

  5. Originally I thought that it was just the kid running along with the otter doing his "I'm-bored-living-in-a-cage/pacing-thing", but then I saw him actually stop with the kid. How cute is that???! :)


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