Jun 3, 2011

Dog Gives Cat a Scooter Ride

Ruger is an Australian cattle dog who likes to ride his scooter. He stands on his back paws, hold the handlebars and scoots around like a pro!

Sometimes he like to give his kitty friend, Lynxie a ride. Which is great, except the Lynxie needs to learn to get off when the ride is over... Oopsies!

(Ruger has a Facebook page if you want check him out!)

NOTE FROM CUTE: A faithful Cute reader sent me an email asking a very important question, and I thought I'd share it here just in case anyone else wanted to know. Betty asked:

"I absolutely LOVE your site, but I've always wondered about 1 thing. What ever caused you to name your kitty "Pimp?" He seems so sweet and wonderful, and I just can't imagine him trying to traffic other innocent cats in the sex trade! So please enlighten me, so I can sleep better at night, and not worry about him having series character issues!"

Good question! Sometimes I forget that not all of you know the story of Pimp's name, so I'm happy to share again. No worries, no sex trade here! I adopted Pimp back in college, when I had three other girl roommates. So it was four girls and he was the only guy... Clearly he was a Pimp, right?

We tried calling him Tyson first for some reason, but it just didn't stick. After a couple days of that, I thought of "Pimp" and it was immediately clear that was his name. And there you have it! The story of Pimp. :) Thanks, Betty, for emailing!

If anyone else has any questions or wants to shoot me an email ever, there's a link on the right. I love hearing from all of you Cuteheads!


  1. I wonder if he would give a goat a ride?

  2. that made me lol for real! 

  3. loved it! I am glad the kitty didn't have too bad of a crash though. I was kinda worried! :)
    I also checked out their Facebook page, thanks!

  4. That was cute all right. What a brave kitty that is. Glad no one was hurt.

  5. Cats do tell you their names. I named a cat Justa, and she made me eat my words! I wrote her story, and she forgave me.

  6. Buckle up, Lynxie!

    ps: Harley's name was almost "Dexter" until we realized he was really a Harley Quinn.


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