Jul 13, 2012

Could Henri the Depressing, Existential Cat Finally Have a Girlfriend?

Meet Anais. Every day she spends her time doing the same meaningless, unfulfilling things. And every night, she falls asleep dreaming of the cat she knows is her perfect match... Henri.

Henri, if you're listening, Anais is hoping to hear from you. (Maybe Cute can help play matchmaker!)

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  1. Hmmm... young lady, you need a chipper and handsome mancat to sweep you off your feet, and I know just the RUMBLE to do it!

  2. I agree Henri is one beautiful kitty cat!!!   Henri, you could do a lot worse, I'm just sayin!!!    Will they find a way to get together in cyber-space? tune in next week to find out!!!

  3. Awwwwww........they could be 'paw-pals'.......unless of course it leads to unrequited love.....tragic.....perhaps Rumbles IS the better cat? :)

  4. Anais' momma needs to keep her inside


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