Jul 10, 2012

Two Cats Tuesday: The Sheet Monster Returns!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today I want to show you the scary thing that dwells in my sheets.

It appears once a week, usually on the weekends. Sometimes it just hides and is harmless, but sometimes it latches on the the edge of the sheet and kicks and bites it in a fierce bunny-kicking battle.

My sheets have permanent scars from these battles.

Terrifying, huh? It's a wonder I get any sleep at night with that thing lurking in my house.

(Here is another post of Moo in the sheets -- He is also a snugglesaurus!)

That Moo is such a ham. 
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  1. bad sheets!!! bad!!!

  2. the corners on my bottom sheets are in tatters
    lol but love my 8 fur babies to bits

  3. Oddly, my sheets are okay... Little Miss Moxie hasn't (yet!) discovered that she could rip the sheets to shreds, and I'm hoping that she doesn't, considering that she's now three years old.

  4. My Siamese loves to attack the sheets and the corners of my towels. The linens monster is on the loose in my house and a path of destruction follows in its wake! OH NO!!!!!!! Well, she's so cute I can't be mad at her. When she looks at me with her one big blue eye (she was born with only one eye) my heart melts!

  5. Your post has proven a theory that I've been developing for about 40 years.  There is an epidemic of sheet monsters in the USA--probably elsewhere as well.  The one living in my house looks surprisingly like a Somali cat.  It must be a different variety.  I wonder how many kinds there are...

  6. That is the cutest monster EVER!  I wouldn't mind being attacked by that one.

  7. The publicist says she has one of them too

  8. I can relate.  My cats love to "help" me make up the bed in the morning, but their favorite game is helping change the sheets.  It takes twice as long, but it is twice the fun.

  9. So cute....both Moo and Pimp.    My Sabrina likes
    to "hide" under the sheet when I'm making the bed.
    It's a game for her!!!

  10. I patch alot of sheets

  11. It must be a cow-cat thing... Harley goes crazy when it is time to change the sheets! 


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