Jul 9, 2012

Pip, the Amazing Kitten with Deformed Front Legs

Pip is a sweet kitten whose front legs aren't like everyone else's. He was born with them bent, so he basically walks on his elbow joints. But that does absolutely nothing to slow him down!

He runs and plays and jumps and bounces and rolls around just like any other kitten. You wouldn't even know he was any different!

Pip came to Tenth Life Cat Rescue in St. Louis all the way from Nebraska so he could get all the proper care she needs. They are monitoring his growth and all, and so far he is doing great! (They are on Facebook and Twitter!)

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  1. What a little star, Thank you to David for the pictures and Tenth Life for their rescues.

  2. So does Pip need a permanent home?

    If I were in the US, I would hope to be able to offer one.

    I doubt he'll be waiting long!

  3. Awwwww - Pip is soooo cute!!

  4. So he had weird front legs. What difference should that make. I was born with club feet and had casts and braces when I was an infant.
    I think he is adorable!!!!

  5. Pip is such a darling!  Who could refuse giving him a furever home?  Wish I were near - he's such an absolute joy to watch and manages more than well to enjoy his life.  Thanks to Tenth Life for his chance at life.

  6. Pip is indeed lucky! Now, if we could get folks to see humans the same way...many with disabilities do not know their limits, until they try! No one can tell Pip he can't do something, because he does not know any different... So high five for pets with disabilities and people with disabilities reaching as high as they can! The world will certainly be a better place!

  7. So well said, Kim! High fives all around!

  8. I hope they're lined up out the door for him when he's ready to be adopted!

  9. I worry about when he's older, that his little joints will be in pain. I hope his legs are fixable with surgery, and his new family can help with that.  His back paws look a bit deformed also. 8`<

    Regardless, he's darling and playful, and I send him my best wishes for a good life!!

    X's Sweet Boy!

  10. I agree with Nitegracee, hope veterinary interventiion will be able to make his future more comfortable, yes, look at that little spotted belly - irresistable!!! Like heaps of others, would LOVE to bring him home & add to my brood (6.) There is something wonderful about a little brown tabby. Could eat him he is so scrumptious!!!
    All my love and hopes for a good future outlook. I know he will not be short of people to love him forever, just hope veterinary help can make his life more comfortable. Lets' all pray for little Pip. One of my fosters was a little brown tabby (with spotted tummy too!!) also named Pippy - she had been the runt of the litter, called "Pipsqueak" - so she got Pippy.
    All our love from "Down Under" - Australia. XXXXX

  11. He should probably wear little leggings on his front legs to protect them when he walks. Has anyone seen a cat named Willow on Facebook? She has the same problem except with her hind legs and she wears leggings which make walking a lot more comfortable for her.

  12. Oh! I do know Willow and her Leggings 4 Life. I'll see if I can find a way to put them in touch. Good idea, Cristy!

  13. Love his spotted belly!

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