Aug 27, 2012

Baby Lion Cub, Dog and Bunny are Best Friends

Simba the baby lion cub, Monty the dog and Thumper the rabbit are an unlikely group of friends, but that doesn't matter to them -- they all have a blast playing with each other!

Simba became ill during the winter at the Glasgow Zoo in Scotland (the video says it was at Edinburgh zoo, but they corrected it in the comments), so he was raised at home by zookeepers until he got bigger and healthier. And he got to make some fun friends while he was there!

P.S. Apparently Glasgow Zoo is closed now. I don't know where they moved all their animals, but I bet Simba is still the "mane" attraction wherever he is!

P.P.S. We made it through Isaac just fine yesterday. It was actually nothing. Hopefully everyone else in his path in the next couple days has the same luck. We just spent a lazy day at home and caught up on some rest. Hopefully that's it for the hurricanes this season!


  1. How cute!!! So wonderful to see all three enjoying each other!!!! <3

  2. That is adorable! So glad the Cute made it through the storm safe and sound! We would be LOST without you!

  3. I'm sure the doggie just thought it was a kitty cat

  4. Glad that's all you got of Isaac. It completely changed course - so don't know how it will hit Destin or New Orleans. Praying for them ♥


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