Aug 1, 2012

Boston Terrier Lays in a Pile of Treats

Oscar the Boston terrier probably thinks he's dreaming... but he's not. He is really laying in a pile of doggie treats!

His mom set this up for a photo shoot (cute idea!) and Oscar ended up being so comfortable that he nearly fell asleep in his treat-filled bed. Even when she told him "OK!" like it was OK for him to get up, he still didn't!

Who could blame him?

Chalse's tail is a mile long!
CHALSE AND WENDY UPDATE! Chalse is doing great. He's a bundle of energy and Marsha has started introducing him to his new furry siblings. He clearly wants to be in charge, so they're taking it slow. He is doing great, though!

Wendy is having some issues. Somewhere along the way, she developed some eye problems. Her pretty eyes were all gooky by the time she got to Marsha and the vet says it's not uncommon for cats to get this kind of thing and for it to come on so quickly. It could have been a number of things that caused it, from getting something in her eye to getting it scratched if she was rough-housing (which she wasn't since she was alone in her carrier for the trip). So they're just really not sure how it happened.

Poor Wendy's eyes.
However it did, though, one of her eyes is basically not getting any circulation to it and the vets (she has had two look at her and working with her on treatment) are thinking they might have to do surgery to remove it. If not, she runs the risk of infection and things getting much worse. Her other eye seems to be healing better. She is eating well, loves to be petted and is even gaining weight, so she is otherwise doing great!

Marsha is taking her for an appointment with the vets this morning to get a final call on what they'll do. I will keep everyone posted as I hear from her.

Also, I'm not going to open up a Chipin for Wendy's treatment because we already raised so much money for these two (and we still need to get Venus and Dahlia to Cleveland!), but if you would like to help out, please email me privately - dorian (at) yourdailycute (dot) com. If she does have the surgery, they're saying it will be about $780. Marsha loves both her new babies and told me she will find a way to pay for whatever they need (did we find these Chalse and Wendy the best mom or what?!).
Wendy and Chalse and their new parents, Marsha and Ron in St. Louis!
I love that picture. It just makes me so happy! Everyone think good thoughts for Wendy today. Like I told Marsha, once a Cute kitty, always a Cute kitty. She has a big extended family here all rooting for her.


  1. Aww! He looks very comfortable. Very cute.

  2. The Boston is too adorable!  And that lil doggie at the end that comes in view and grabs a treat, I nearly fell over! Glad to hear that the kitties are starting to settle. We will be sending warm thought and purrs for a good outcome for Wendy.

  3. Hooray for Chalse and Wendy.  Hope things go well at the Vet for Wendy!!!   Bless you Marsha and Ron!!
    Love the cute!!   All those treats....he just couldn't believe it!!!

  4. I hope all goes well for Wendy!

  5. Who could blame Oscar? He looks very comfortable.
    Poor Wendy - I hope this infection clears up quickly - sometimes the good germs from one place and from another don't mix at once.  Hope she'll be okay - poor sweet baby.  Chelse looks happy and content but pray for Wendy's eyes.  Yes, you have found wonderful new people for them in Marsha and Ron.

  6. Oh poor Wendy !! Get well soon !!!

  7. When I picked Wendy up at the vets after surgery yesterday, he mentioned she might have had some kind of viral infection under all this.  I had them give her the shot for the antibiotics so I don't have to aggravate her more than necessary.  She's getting pain meds 12 hours apart (in syringe form and bitter, but she's taking it (if not quite thrilled about it) and also antibiotic ointment for the good eye as a precautionary measure.  She is such a sweet, loving girl - the staff who worked with her were very impressed ♥ That's my baby and I love her.  I was a wreck til they called!!  She had anesthesia pre-testing, but all surgeries have risks. Keeping her confined in one of my bathrooms and she is very happy, even with one eye.  And, she gets a lot of visits.  I exercise Chalse in the basement so far, away from the other cats.  Hopefully, in time he'll adjust to them. So glad you all are saving more kitties ♥  (she continually gets the cone off her head, but doesn't seem to be bothering the stitches at all)

  8. Thank you for taking such good care of her, Marsha. She is in good hands. She is so lucky that you adopted her. If she'd developed this in the shelter, she wouldn't have stood a chance at all. You are amazing!

  9. Their smiles say it all!

  10. OMC! That wee Boston Terrier is just sooooo cute. He gets really excited over his food for sure, but the back flip is hilarious! He's so tiny yet......would love one of those too.

  11. I agree that Chalse and Wendy have a perfect family. I sincerely hope Wendy's eyes heal.....perhaps she picked up some rhino which is so infectious but under the great care she's getting maybe she's be fine once that clears.

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