Aug 20, 2012

Cat Turns on the Light

Who needs the Clapper when you can just use the Catter instead to turn your lights off and on?

Shula the cat uses his high-flying jumping skills to reach the light switch and turn the lights on in the house for his mom. Hopefully, he doesn't do this in the middle of the night, too!

BONUS CUTE: Here's a kitten accidentally turning on the vacuum.

NOTE FROM CUTE: Venus and Dahlia should make it to their new forever home tonight! They have been traveling for over a week and over 1,300 miles to make it all the way from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Cleveland, OH. Lucky kitties!

Huge thank you to all the Cuteheads involved in sharing them, donating, driving them and letting them spend the night along the way -- especially Stacey, Lisa, Jenn, Debbie, BZTAT and, last but certainly not least, their new mom, Michelle!

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  1. Wonderful that Venus and Dahlia will be in their new home tonight. God bless Michelle for giving them a home and her love!!! Can't wait to see some pictures of the happy family!!!!!


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