Aug 24, 2012

What Cats Do When You Leave the House

Ms. Beaker does not like to be left home alone. Every time her human leaves the house, she just has no idea what to do.

She gets a little confused, calls out to see where her person went and just waits patiently... And then gets so happy again when the door opens!

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  1. awww so sweet love that floofy tail!!

  2. Poor confuzzled Ms. Beaker, she's so disorientated by her person leaving
    the house wearing pajama bottoms and slippers... Understandable, Ms.
    Beaker, but eventually you'll figure out ways that you can mess with
    their heads ... say, barfing up hairballs in those
    selfsame slippers!!! >^.^<

  3. I think Ms Beaker needs a companion of her own so she won't be lonely when person leaves.

  4. Awe! Get her a friend! She has such a loud purr when she sees that her human has come back. How precious!

  5. Oh my, what a cockle warmer!! Darling baby!
    I wonder if mine ever do this.....'doubt it. LoL!

  6. awww it was cute but made me sad..poor Beaker. i would be sad to know she did that every time :(


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