Aug 19, 2012

Baby Tiger vs. Baby Lion

In an adorable wrestling and jabbing fight between two five-month-old big cats, it's hard to tell who the winner is here.

The baby tiger seems to be having a lot of fun. The baby lion seems like he's probably the "bigger" one in the battle. But I think the real winner is us! We get to see the cute video.

This is at Kowiachobee Animal Preserve in Naples. They take in exotic animals that need help and are also an education facility.

BONUS CUTE: Check out the post I wrote from when I got to play with and pet a baby tiger!

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  1. Just like the Farm cats actually

  2. I absolutely love the video of big cats interacting with humans. I love that these beautiful cats are well cared for, safe and loved. Altho, for me, that's only a fantasy. It would be a thrill, but I don't think I be at all comfortable with them physically. I shall live vicariously thru the lady giving kisses to the cats! ;-))

  3. How beautifully they play. And then, there was the husky who decided to join in. Amazingly cute.

  4. My cat Jack loved this one!


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