Aug 23, 2012

The Most Confusing Cat Trick in the World

Some people say you can't teach a cat tricks. I say they're wrong, and so does Sketchie the cat here.

Sketchie has completely mastered "sit" and "shake paw" and does them both with tons of enthusiasm over and over again! But it's that tricky "shake other paw" that just confounds him every single time...

P.S. Florida friends! I have a courtesy posting from a friend of Cute who has an adorable little cow kitten who need home in Florida. If you can help, her contact info is below!

Mini Moo
This is Mini Moo. He was found by fellow Cuteheads Melissa and Vicky outside their work. They've been calling him Mini Moo because he looks like my Moo! He is super friendly and deserves to have a home.

This is what Melissa told me: "He is a sweet sweet baby - a little timid at first but super lovey. He gets along with our other cats but they started out as feral and are friendly to a select few here who take care of them. We know this baby is not feral & don't want him to stay here! We will take care of him of course, but would much rather he have a home! Can you help us?"

And here's a video of Mini Moo who needs a home! If you can give him a home or know someone, he is near Tampa, Florida. Contact Melissa W. at greenfrogg1(at)gmail(dot)com. 

(Melissa was one of the driver who helped transport Chalse and Wendy - let's try and help her this time!)

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  1. Beautiful Bengal - would love one! Mini-Moo is a pretty great replica of the one and only Moo and also watched Sparta again with her babies but still believe they should not be outside at that age due to airborne viruses. She is gorgeous - reminding me so much of ever-missed Sgt. Pepper who crossed in 2009 followed by Miss Tique in 2010 (1-1/2 yrs. later to date). My fosters are lovely but never replaced them.

  2. The cat isn't confused by the trick.

    The cat is confused by the nutty human.

    Who wants to shake hands, when there's food about?

  3. the cat isn't confused...he is "left-pawed!!!" He isn't ambipawdrous.......:)

  4. Mini Moo is very cute. I hope he finds a forever home

  5. He is so cute. He looks really young. Hope someone takes him.

  6. I would take him in a heartbeat if I lived closer...I would love to have him.....

  7. Linda, where are you? Maybe we could get a transport together!


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