Aug 18, 2012

City the Kitty Sleep Dances

City the kitty must be dreaming about a rockin' tune or maybe a jumping dance beat, because that one toe is tap-tap-tapping away to some dreamy music.

You know you're having a good catnap when you get the twitches!

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  1. So cute :-) But he's not dancing, I think it's just a nerve twitching or something. Sorry to burst anybody's bubble LOL

  2. We know he's not actually dancing... It's just funny (and cuter!) to look at it that way. :)

  3. City the Kitty will go to any lengths (and troubles) to get what he wants....catnip especially! What a cutie, and a mischief!

  4. Ah. this kitty reminds me of our late and great Baby Bennington, who lived to the age of sixteen. We miss him but this video made me smile. I found it heartwarming.

    "Sleeping Kitten - Dancing Dog!"

  5. Of course you do and it is! I realize I shouldn't have taken that in the first degree LOL


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