Aug 13, 2012

Cat's Smooth Surfboard Escape!

Being chased down by a crazy fox terrier pup, this quick-thinking kitty does what most felines wouldn't have the guts to do -- she catches a ride on a surfboard to ride swiftly (and incredibly smoothly, I might add!) to safety on the other side of the pool.

Something tells me these two have done this before...

Thanks to Cute's Facebook friend, Ivy, for sharing this video with us!

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  1. Yay, thanks for mentioning me! :)

  2. What happens if the surfboard doesn't reach the other side?  Laze in the middle of the pool?

  3. loved it too....when I saw it on Friday I just had to share this one...too cute!

  4. I wouldn't do that. I do not like water!

  5. That's one fast thinkin' kitteh!! Pooch gets shot down!
    <3 it!X's


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