Aug 10, 2012

Dog Retrieves Mail from the Mailman

Dogs have a bad rep when it comes to mailman, but sometimes they can really get along and make their jobs easier. Like this helpful doggie!

The mailman pulls his truck up and the doggie knows just what to do. She runs right over and waits for him to sort the mail, then saves the mailman the trouble of putting the envelopes in the mailbox -- he just puts them in the doggie's mouth and off she goes to deliver it to the house!

Good girl!

BONUS CUTE: This dog is a way better (and more honest!) pet than the cat who steals newspapers from the neighbor...

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  1. Wonder if that doggie would fetch me tunas without drooling on them... hmmmmmm...

  2. What a neat dog. This is so much better than barking at the poor mailman. I bet he gets a treat or two long the way, too.

  3. How sweet that puppy is!


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