Aug 6, 2012

Cute Kitten Waltz

Copper the creamy colored Persian kitten has the dreamiest dance moves. His debonair waltz moves and magnificent man-cat strut are sure to have all the lady cats swooning!

A light step here, then a few to the right, then a perfectly timed dip... Yup, he's got all the right moves. Watch out, ladies!

BONUS CUTE: And now or some ballerina kittens!

P.S. Thanks to Tamar over at I Have Cat for sharing this cute dancing Persian kitten video with us!

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  1. Also, not to be left out, Copper is adorably charming and will be a 'lady-killer'.  He's got the moves.  Love the cream fact, I love them all - whatever breed, or mix!

  2. OMG! He is beyond adorable! Love him! :)

  3. He is good but his partner is no ball of fire

  4. What a handsome kitty he is!!! The Persian Strut is a wonderful dance!!!

  5. Love the music too!


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