Aug 5, 2012

Silly Dwarf Goat Knocks Over Playmates

Baby dwarf goats can be such silly billies sometimes! Like this one little kid on Took a Leap farm who just insists on boing and bouncing and doing the goat hop -- all over his playmates!

He takes a lap and then all of the sudden BOING! One down. Then another lap, and then BOING! There goes another one. Such a crazy little dwarf goat!

BONUS CUTE: Watch a baby goat and cat playing!

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  1. Animals knocking each other over is almost as fun as animals knocking people over!

  2. You'd think that must be a naughty little pre-billy goat just feeling his oats, but that's Buttermilk, a sweet and delicate little girl, according to a quote by her owner.

  3. He has such joy, even if he is a goat-maniac. 

  4. That is one wild child but Oh so cute. The other goats don't seem to mind being knocked down.

  5. Oh I've always loved goats, and that wonderful bleating! thank you! Have y'all seen pygmy goats? They are so cute and tiny!

    Oh what would I do without my daily cute?

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