Aug 9, 2012

Tiny Kitten Attack!

You know when kittens get that look, and you just know they're coming for you?

They are cute and adorable one minute, and then all of the sudden they are wide-eyed and crouched low and slightly shaking their furry little tushies...

And then the camera person gets it.

BONUS CAT ATTACK: Watch Oskar the blind kitten vs. hair dryer.

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  1. The pre-launch wiggly butt is the best part! 

  2. My very favorite thing about kitties is their butt wiggle before they attack! So dang cute!!

  3. The butt wiggle gives it away every time. What is up with that?

  4. Maybe the butt wiggle is a manner of insuring their balance is 'just right'.  Who knows but it's very cute.

  5. There should be a love button for Your Daily Cute ♥

  6. That's one way to kill a camera :)


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