Sep 10, 2012

Friendly Deer Likes to Be Petted

Who knew that deer like to be petted just like cats or dogs? Apparently they like the sides of their faces rubbed and it makes them squint their little eyes and tilt their heads back and just smile in content happiness.

Doesn't she have a pretty smile? And it looks like she's going to be a mommy soon, too. I bet she will have pretty babies also!

BONUS CUTE: Watch a baby deer and kitten cuddling!

Thanks to great friend of Cute, Carol K., for sharing this deer petting video with us!

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  1. Isn't she just too sweet, and, yes - smiling - almost sounds like purring too. But, she still has her spots - do they mate and have babies that soon? She does look like she's pregnant though - definitely - but how long do they keep their spots? I should know that having lived in the country on the east coast but I don't...must google that.

  2. Not only do they like to be petted, but they LOVE to eat celery!

  3. Celery? Really? How interesting to know! Cute cute cute.

  4. My cousin! Although the spots would indicate it is still a very young animal so I wonder that it IS pregnant...I do hear an accent so perhaps it is a European deer and they may keep their spots. It's obviously at a zoo so I would suspect they took it in. Or it could be fat like AbbyGoat

  5. That is so cute and she is so small!


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