Sep 13, 2012

How One Cute Kitten Asked to Be Adopted

Spoiler alert... It worked!

Tiger was sitting in his cage in the shelter when he saw a man come along who he just knew had to be his future daddy. And so he did what any smart kitten would do... he begged.

If you ask me, I think Tiger made a pretty good case for himself! He meowed some excellent points. And I especially like the part where he shoves his nose through the bars. Very convincing.

And now Tiger lives happily at home with the daddy he chose so well. Good job, Tiger!

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  1. I am very happy Tiger found a new home

  2. What a smart kitten! I'm so glad he found a loving home!

  3. What a great Man to realize this was his baby!

  4. aww the little tiger has his human wrapped right around his little paw...

  5. What a cutie I would guess that man couldn't resist. Who could.

  6. Texas A Cat in New YorkSeptember 13, 2012 at 7:35 PM

    Who could resist?
    (not my human!)

  7. Good work, Tiger! That's how we got Hobbes--he did the same thing!

  8. More proof that cats are incredibly smart! They know their furreever parents before the parents even do! What a cutie :) glad he got his way

  9. Way to go Tiger! That's exactly what Sgt. Pepper did when I went to a shelter to find the 'right mix' for my Siamese girl - beautiful silver tabby who has crossed over and is now a General commanding the troops that went before him, and after. Forever missed after 17 years. Have a wonderful life Tiger - you nailed it!


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