Sep 15, 2012

The World's Most Polite Cat

When a cat wants to be petted, a cat wants to be petted... and they all let us know in different ways. This kitty in particular is extremely polite about his demands.

Some cats would headbutt or meow loud, but this little ginger guy just lets out a little mew and a gives a little paw tap. And it works!

Thanks to Cute's fabulous friend, Carol, for sharing this polite cat video with us!

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  1. Cat: "Must I tap, every time? When will this human ever learn?"

  2. That has few views and (currently) no comments. Check this out: Original video, with uploader comments.

  3. Texas A Cat in New YorkSeptember 15, 2012 at 8:46 AM

    More. more! Don't stop!

  4. WE have a kitty, Mahoney, that does the same thing but her meow isn't as loud. And she wants me to play fetch with her. She is insistant. Great video. What a nice kitty.

  5. What a sweet kitty! He knows what he wants, and he communicates very well. (How could you NOT let him up on the couch!)

  6. LOL! One of mine does that, and another jumps up under my hand and pets her little self if I'm not paying attention! Pets are important!
    So are... X's

  7. What a cutie! Such beautieyes.

  8. Oh, poor kitty!! He needs to come over here where the kitties get sick of being petted and smooched so darn much! He is a very handsome kitty.


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