Oct 10, 2012

Make Room for Minnie!

Poor Minnie is just so tired and she just wants to find a spot in the cuddlepile to nap, but there's just no room. Not to mention that rowdy little orange guy who just won't sit still or move over. But that doesn't stop her from trying to squeeze in!

She contemplates it for a little, then really starts making her move around 1:30. And make sure you make it all the way to the end -- there's a little surprise!

This video originally came from the Pitter Pats of Baby Cats blog. What a cute name for a blog, right? I love the pitter patter of paws!

Thanks to Cute's friend Jennifer S. for sharing this silly video!

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  1. This video was taken from my blog. Please provide a link. Thanks! www.pitterpatsofbabycats.com.

  2. Determined kitty is determined!! I love the dilute Tortie who barely budges through the whole video!

  3. Poor Orange guy--he got smooshed!

  4. This video was taken from my blog - www.pitterpatsofbabycats.com.

    1. Sue- You should put your blog link on on your YouTube videos too- that way when people fall in love with a kitten video they'll know those cute babies are fosters and need furever homes >^•^<
      Win win!!

  5. Loved this....the cats/kittens are all so gorgeous!!

  6. Minnie may want to find another cat tree - that one seems to have an overcrowding problem. :)

  7. Hi Sue! Adding credit right now. :) Adorable babies!

  8. Is that tortie cat even aware? Silly kitties

  9. Love these kitties! And of course the wee little one would come popping out at the end! They are gorgeous!

  10. This ah so cute video reminds me of my husband (the tortie) cat, myself and our 2 kids when they were small and wanted to be close or play: My husband just made the same uninterested face! LOL ! All four kitties are adorable and I admire Minnie for her patience which finally paid out.

  11. Awww they need a bigger bed! Minnie looks at the camera as if to say : "Are you going to do something about this or not??" So pwecious!

  12. All beautiful and determined not to give up space. Sweet wee faces as well as the larger babes.

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  14. Poor little orange guy - my foot! He's an instigator!
    I have his double right now amongst my foster kittens. Whoever he gets to snuggle with - ends up in WWIII. He just won't leave anyone alone!
    They just don't get no respect anymore! Back in their day...


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