Oct 8, 2012

Where Kittens Go When You Leave Them Unattended

Let's say you foster kittens and keep them in a bathroom. And let's also say that you washed their cat bed and draped it over the tub to dry. And then let's say that you went out for a little bit...

You know what would happen? Well, Cute's friend Sarah Donner found out -- the kittens would try to get in the draped-over bed and end up pushing it in the tub and then all get in the tub to get on the bed... and then get stuck in there because their wee little kitty bodies aren't big enough to get out.

It's a tub full of cute!

P.S. The Fabulous Four (Zoro, Midnight, Garfield and Count Blackula) made it to their forever home last night! They drove with different people all day and finally got home late at night. I'll have lots of pictures to share soon!

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  1. Aw..............aren't they just so gorgeous - those darling little faces looking up at foster Mommy "Yes, we're in here - how about you lift us out!!" We do like our nice clean bed - even tho' it's a trifle damp!! Did they all go to the one home? If so, how wonderful - the hardest part of fostering for me was when loving "mates" were separated. I could never take a timid one from it's litter mate, consequently I now have 6 babies to love full time!!

  2. "Thanks for not pooping in there" "MEOW!"

  3. I know! That was my favorite part. Hehe.

    "I really appreciate it."

  4. Texas, a Cat in New YorkOctober 8, 2012 at 10:49 AM

    The humans don't have a tub here, only a shower, so I can put my little sis in there.
    The kittens are super cute!

  5. Mine too! MOL

  6. I can't view it, not available ):

  7. awww soooooo cute. kudos on helping those other 4 kittehs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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