Nov 12, 2012

Super Fast, Super Flat Cat

When running after his toys, this kitty uses a scamper and skedaddle technique -- get real flat and low and shuffle along the bed.

Don't blink or you might miss it!

P.S. Today we are officially kicking off Santa Paws Drive! For those of you who may not know, this is an annual toy and treats drive that I started four years ago (like Toys for Tots, but for animals!). It is my absolute favorite thing to do each year!

We'll be announcing the shelters we chose and opening up for donations around noon today. Please like Santa Paws Drive on Facebook and follow @SantaPawsDrive on Twitter to keep up -- and of course I'll keep sharing here, too!

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  1. Bahahaha!! Seriously, I really did have to watch it twice! He's a mover!

  2. link to facebook santa paws drive not working.

  3. Would you try again please, @Vicki_Chanslor:disqus ? It seems to be working for me. And please let me know if you're still having issues? Thanks so much in advance!

  4. it still doesn't work, i found it with a search though. the link above is including the word "like" in its title and i think that is the problem

  5. i can't stop watching this! lol!

  6. Oops. I'll look at the code. THANK YOU!

  7. the second cat,,,drinking the beer,,,,,SHOULD BE BANNED!!!!!!!! that makes them someone about it.....

  8. Hi! I'm not sure where you are seeing that. On this page? We'd never support that... Will you let me know where, please? Thanks!


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