Nov 13, 2012

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp's Face, Moo's Mountain and a Little Meow Update!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Well, I guess it's technically Three Cats Tuesday today, huh? So many kitties, so little Tuesdays!

First up, we have a most wonderful montage of pictures of Pimp's heart-shaped nose. If his little nose doesn't make you want to smooch his face, I think you need to get your face-smooching reflexes checked.

The line for smooches starts here.
Next up, it's Moo atop his mountain. What mountain, you ask? Well the mountain of comforter and clean sheets I made, foolishly thinking that piling it high would keep a kitty off of it.

No, sir. When I got home, he was perched up there and had made a cat-sized crater in that mountain of clean stuff.

Mount Moo.
And last, but certainly not least, long-time readers will remember Little Meow, my former parking lot kitty who found a most wonderful home with my friend, Giselle.

Little Meow had a rough start in her new home. She did not like Giselle's husband much (she has never really liked men!) and had a few potty issues. But after plenty of love and patience, she has become an absolute princess.

Giselle sent me this picture of Little Meow last week -- she not only likes her husband now, but she has become his lap kitty! These makes me happier than I have words for. I loved Little Meow like my very own out there in my office parking lot for years.

Little Meow the princess! (See her ear-tipped ear? She's a former feral!)
P.S. In case you missed it yesterday, Santa Paws Drive has officially started! It's a toy and treat drive I started four years ago to give shelter animals some holiday presents (our kitties and doggies at home get lots of gifts -- these animals deserve some, too!). Please check it out and spread the word, and donate if you can spare a few dollars. If not, simply share. Every little bit helps! Thank you!

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  1. I never realized Pimp had a "chin cleft" ish thingie before, he is exquisite ...Moo is thinking "hey thanks Mom for putting this nice cushy pile here for me! Congrats to Lil Meow and her wonderful family! I love Happy Endings!

  2. little meow isnt so little anymore!

  3. Amazing how they can sniff out a nice, new, soft pile of sheets, blankies or ANYthing!! Too cute of them all!

  4. Hopper just decided since the week we had no power from Sandy to become a lap cat. It started on the second day of no power and now every night after dinner I get quality Hopper-Daddy lap time before bed. So awesome.

  5. Pimp: Whiskers do it for me, more than noses.
    Moo: I've said it before - cats just know.
    Little meow: Big effect.
    Nice selection of good-news items.

  6. As in my own post, one of my most repeated lines: cats just know!
    Good to see you now have more quality time together.

  7. I want to shower kisses on Pimp's sweet face. And Moo really does appreciate the mountain you built for him. Looks so cozy! I am thrilled for Little Meow & grateful for her loving family.

  8. That is great news about Little Meow

  9. Oh, the nose! Must kiss nose!

    messy moo! Nice mountain!

    Miss meow is too pretty!

  10. Yay! We're so glad Little Meow is doing so well now!

  11. little meow is so cute! reminds me of Madison RIP
    Glad all is well, purrrs.

  12. Aah! They are all beautiful. Love Pimp's 'cougar' nose (as I used to call Sgt. Pepper's) or a heart nose - sweet! Of course, fresh laundry is the BEST - especially if straight out of the! Little Meow is now a gorgeous big girl now, and is a daddy's girl too. She has beautiful eyes too.
    All is great.


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