Jan 28, 2013

Cat Tries to Catch Water Drops

The faucet is a never-ending source of entertainment for cats. Sometimes they stick their heads under the stream and try to lick what runs off their faces and sometimes they just play with the water instead.

I've never seen this tactic though... Trying to catch the water drops!

P.S. The half marathon was a blast yesterday! It wasn't my fastest time, but I had a great time taking pictures along the way and just generally enjoying the whole things. Thanks for cheering me on, everyone!

P.P.S. See this cute little guy?

Oh hai. My name is Eugene.
He is at Miami Dade Animal Services and he is going to be SAFE thank to Cutehead Leigh G.! She is going to adopt him, so he is going to get out safe this week and we just have to get him to her in Alabama! We're on such a roll, Cuteheads!

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  1. mine likes to play in the toilet. and has fallen in. which i find when i go to use my litter box(see what cats have done to me)

  2. Two cuties, what a great way to start the Monday!! Congrats on the half marathon woo hoo!! Eugene is TOO CUTE .Look at those big ears...glad he will have a wonderful home. :-)

  3. Silly kitty! I love how they have to stop & groom. Eugene is precious! Love the name! Happy he is headed to his furever home soon!!!!!!!

  4. LOL! My cat Ashi used to do that when she was a kitten. She could entertain herself with a leaky faucet for hours!

  5. What a cute cow kitty playing in the sink !
    Congrats to Leigh & Eugene ! Yay black kitties!!!!

  6. LOL I woke my husband up I was laughing so loud at the cute cow kitty. Loved how he shook is paw every time it got wet. Maybe in time he'll catch a droplet and win the prize.


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