Jan 27, 2013

Surprise Sneaky Cat Attack

This is the most un-sneaky, un-surprising sneaky surprise cat attack ever. Three cats are relaxing on the couch when one decides to go into stealth mode and start stalking his buddy.

His buddy sees him up above him, crouching down in hidden tiger position. He must know he's the target. Except he doesn't.

And just when he turns back around to keep relaxing...

P.S. I'm running a the ING Miami Half Marathon today! The race is at 6:30 a.m., so I'll probably be done by the time most of you are reading this, but feel free to cheer me on anyway! :)

I was originally going to run the full marathon (26.2 miles!), but I just haven't had the time to train like I wanted to, so I decided a month or so ago to just run the half. It's still 13.1 miles, and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous. Fun fun!

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  1. LOL, at the kitty attack! Good luck with the race, Dorian!

  2. Good for you!I am cheering for you in my heart.Thank you for all you do with the cats.Thank you for sharing the pictures and stories about Pimp and Moo also.I enjoy Daily Cute very much.

  3. Go Dorian!!!! Congrats on doing that, I did a half marathon walking once but only did 8 miles (long story) ;-) Love this cute kitty attack!!! BOINK gotcha kitty!!!

  4. should be called clueless kitty gets attacked! congrats on the marathon! NYC next!

  5. Texas, a Cat in New YorkJanuary 27, 2013 at 10:57 AM

    MOL! Reminds me of someone...
    Hope the marathon went well!

  6. So funny! Poor "unsuspecting" kitty! Congrats on the run!

  7. Good luck in your race!
    Cats are very sneaky. They sneak up on me in my goat house

  8. Poor silver, beautiful boy....it scared him right off the sofa! Have a great run!


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