Jan 30, 2013

Cute Crusade: 10 More Cats SAFE and Heading Home!

You like being a part of something special? Well, you're in the right place! Cuteheads are making amazing things happen again!

Right now there are 10 cats tucked away in all different foster houses and condos down here in South Florida, just waiting for their rides to their new forever homes. Black cats, big cats, tiny kittens and delicate tabbies and a pretty Siamese... We have a beautiful herd of rescue kitties, all saved from animal control!

This time, our fabulous friends at Forever Home Feline Ranch in Illinois have stepped up and offered to take in seven cats, all of which will find their forever homes very quickly up there! We are so excited! That's seven cats saved from that sad shelter... who are going to be off to the most wonderful lives ever! Hurray!

All the kitties heading to Forever Home Feline Ranch!
Then there is Pookie. Pookie was surrendered at the shelter and spent hours in this position when she got there, so sad and distraught.

No way we could let her stay like that, poor baby! Luckily, Cutehead Mary C. saw this and just knew Pookie was meant to be part of her family. She quickly left a message saying she'd love to have her... and we quickly made the move to bust Pookie out of the shelter the next day! Mary is in Illinois, too, so Pookie will be in the car with the seven up there! She's now in a wonderful foster home with Cutehead Carie P. (who fostered senior sisters Sera and Chloe!) and she is doing fantastic! Pookie is getting spayed today, so send good thoughts her way.

Turns out Pookie has a beautiful face!
Continuing our story of amazing friends, meet Puck. Puck was also surrendered at the shelter and his sweet, timid, loving face immediately caught my eye. I shared his picture, and then found out that Puck had some issues that would probably make it even harder for him to get adopted. He has some polyps in his ear that require surgery. I can't find the picture of them, but it is pretty icky looking.

Puck. This is the face we all fell in love with.
Luckily, though, we have great friends! Cutehead Tristin B. saw Puck's sweet face on our Facebook page, and set a miracle in motion... She said she would love to adopt him and asked how soon we could get him out! How soon? As soon as possible! So with the help of our good rescue friend, Nicole D., Puck was busted out of the shelter and off to see a vet. (He does need the surgery and Tristin's vet is going to talk to the vet that Puck saw to decide who does it. Hopefully it is not too expensive, but Tristin is wonderful and we will make sure Puck gets everything he needs!)

Puck loving on his litter box. Such a happy boy.
Puck is going to St. Pete, Florida to live, which is pretty close to me! We'll work out his transport after he gets his vetting all settled.

And last but not least, adorable little fuzzball Eugene. Eugene was at Miami Dade Animal Services (our first Miami rescue kitty!) with his two brothers. Both of them were rescued, but Eugene was left behind. Being a black kitten in a bad place like that was not going to work in his favor... but it turns out we have even more great friends! Cutehead Leigh G. (who adopted Zoro, Garfield, Count Blackula and Midnight!) saw tiny Eugene and couldn't let the inevitable happen to him. So she sent me a message saying she'd like to add him to her crew! Whooo hooo! Eugene will be heading to Alabama.

Oh hai. Fiercely cute Eugene here!
As of yesterday morning, Eugene has officially left the MDAS building and is safe and in foster care with another fabulous rescue friend of ours, Maribel M.! I have to tell you, Eugene's name kills me. Kills me! Is it not the cutest thing? So un-cat like, but so perfect!

Eugene right after he was busted out!
As always, huge enormous thanks to Cute's fabulous partner in rescue, Stacey at Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida. She handles all the kitties getting out and vetting and lots of the fostering coordination and tons more that I'm not thinking of. We couldn't do this without her!

Whew! Now on to the fun part. These cats all need rides! The maps of their routes are below. If you are along the way and would like to help out, please fill out this form so I have your contact info and what city you live in. The more volunteers we have, the more kitties we can help! (And if you've already filled out the form, I have your info. If you're along the route, I will probably be giving you a call! Thank you, everyone!)

NINE CATS TO ILLINOIS - 6 carriers max, so they fit in any car. Trust me! (Fill out the Cute Transport Volunteer form here.)

Kitties going from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Springfield, IL. Click to biggify the map!

LITTLE EUGENE TO ALABAMA (Fill out the Cute Transport Volunteer form here.)

Eugene is headed to Alabama! His mom will meet the transport in Pensacola. (Click to biggify the map.)
We're looking at the weekend of February 9-10 for the Illinois transport. No set date for Eugene yet. Please volunteer if you can help! Thanks, everyone! We are doing such amazing things.

This makes 28 cats we've helped so far this year!

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  1. Kitties bustin out of the big house! Eugene is so tiny but he looks SO BRAVE! I LOVE HIM! You done good cuteheads and Your Daily Cute!!!!!

  2. OMG that's 28 cats and it is just the end of January!!!!!!!! You ROCK!

  3. God bless you all for your continuing fantastic work saving and re homing cats; God is watching us from a distance! L- X

  4. So thankful for people like you in this world! Those kitties are so lucky to be going home thanks to you and the ones giving them a home :)

  5. Y'all are amazing. God bless you and the kitties you saved.

  6. That is wonderful that you have helped so many kitties

  7. Bless you for the wonderful work you all do to save cats and kittens ! I have rescued so many over 25 years and will continue to always do so. I can take special needs or FIV/leukemia cats..and senior cats...hugs...Linda

  8. @931328ca9497f78faae43f8854ee5d31:disqus, that is so wonderful. Those are the kitties that have the hardest times and are often the sweetest ones! Thank you.

  9. Sweeeet! More kitties 'busted out' and going far afield to new homes. Going to get you special break-in tools Dorian for you and your 'associates'. Wonderful break-ins and thank you all for saving and taking in more babies.

  10. Thank you for saving these kitties lives, you all are the best!

  11. Dorian, you're wonderful! My cat Amy just had a nasty polyp removed from her ear. It caused a horrid infection and required a specialist to remove it. Did you know that veterinary dermatologists do ears in pets? But I suspect that some general veterinarians also do the surgery. Hope so, because it was expensive!

  12. I think this is the most amazing thing in the world. I know how bad that shelter is down there. And Maribel is a WONDERFUL woman.... just wonderful. She wants things to be better for all the kitties there. I think it's just absolutely terrific that Forever Home Feline Ranch is stepping up to take them in and that so many are working to get them to safety. I'd LOVE to be a part of that! Unfortunately it appears you are bypassing Evansville {IN} where I live, but who knows... I might still be able to help somehow! Awesome job you guys!!!

  13. Dorian......this is so exciting!! God bless you for all the hard work you do in behalf of the kitties. I love seeing the pics of the beautiful cats.....God bless all who take part in this endeavor. You are all wonderful! <3

  14. P.S. to my previous message: I love Eugene...he is so sweet. And his name is just perfect.

  15. YAY! No way it could happen without tons of help from all our fabulous friends here. I love this place! :)

  16. Love Maribel! It takes an army to save animals... and we have a great one here! So happy to know so many wonderful people so we can do this!

  17. It is! It just cracks me up. Maribel wanted to start calling him Jasper and I said NOOOOOOO! He's Eugene and I love it. ;)

  18. Thanks to good people like you GOD BLESS.

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  20. Love it makes my night!!♥♥♥♥

  21. If you ever have any kitties heading north to Connecticut or beyond I would like to join. I drive a 1999 Mercury Tracer. The back seats fold down. I can hold about 5 carriers depending on the size.


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