Jan 3, 2013

Chunky Kitty Will Exercise for Food!

If your kitty has a New Year's resolution to lose weight, then this is the video for you! You can sneak in a little exercise -- and kitty even gets to eat to do it!

Of course, he may not appreciate the work he has to do to get the food, but you have to admit... the treadmill idea is a pretty good one!

NOTE FROM CUTE: We have the biggest transport ever coming up! There will be 15 kitties total catching a ride on the Cute Express, and they'll be traveling nearly 1,700 miles with 5 stops along the way, and who knows how many Cutehead drivers helping them along the way! Yay! That's 15 cats that were at our local kill shelter that are now going to happy places!

You can see all their pictures in this Facebook album I made. I think they are going next weekend!

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  1. These are simply great ideas but I need to get them hungry enough to be motivated to 'go for the food'. I seriously wish I did have a treadmill too but it would scare the poops out of my fosters! Sorry about that but they would go hide in the closet - 'closet cats' but they are sweet. Guess I'd be too if I had to live outside so long before finding this house! Maybe Pepper and Tiki called them...who knows?

  2. cute! love the music too , kitty convoy coming up!! 10-4 good buddy (you are too young to remember that song D.)

  3. Funny! Good luck in the transport. Happy all these kitties are safe!!!

  4. Mom thinks this is a great idea. Us? Not so much!

  5. Kittehs can get hurt on treadmills, though


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