Jan 17, 2013

Oskar the Blind Cat Plays Fetch

Remember when we used to be amazed by cats who play fetch, period? Well, Oskar just made that look amateur -- he plays fetch even though he's blind! And he's really good at it, too!

His daddy throws the ball and Oskar runs after it, disappears for a little bit while he grabs it, and then comes bouncing back, ball proudly in his mouth!

Good boy, Oskar!

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  1. don`t try to sneak yourself a treat around him. we had a dog who was blind. he could hear sis upstairs, under the pillows unwrapping caramel treats

  2. Aww! What a gorgeous and clever cat. I just love Oskar.

  3. I love to see Oskar doing all the normal stuff that kitties do. He is very talented using all his other extra sensory attributes. So glad he was given the chance to be with Klaus, his brother. Daddy has him pretty well trained.

  4. Oskar you are the best!! He's getting to be a big boy. They grow so fast! Love him to bits!

  5. Oh! I just love Oskar!! And, of course his brother, Klaus! Their Mom & Dad are the best!!!

  6. That is just terrific. What a smart kitty you are Oscar.

  7. Wowie! that's pretty darn good! That Oskar sure has a nice daddeh who will play with him. :)

  8. better cat playing fetch video:


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  10. Absolutely adorable and amazing!


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