Jan 19, 2013

Puppy Teaches Puppy to Go Down Stairs

There comes a time in every puppy's life when he needs to learn to go down the stairs. Luckily for this 8-week-old lab baby, he has a big brother to show him the ropes!

Poor baby isn't sure about the steps, but Simon is a good teacher, showing him over and over again how it's done -- and even steadying him along the way when he finally gets the courage to try!

Thanks to our friends at Castaway Critters for sharing this on Facebook!

P.S. We have another transport going on today!
A friend of Cute, Gina C., found a starving doxie puppy and took him in. She nursed him back to health, but couldn't keep him... so she found him a forever home -- and asked us if we could help get him there!

Dodger is being driven today from West Palm Beach to Ocala, FL by Cuteheads (and Cute transport super veterans!) Morgen P. and Carol P.! He is leaving around 10 a.m. and he should be home about four or five hours later!

His new mom is super excited, and I can't wait to see pictures of him in his new home!

P.P.S. We have another big road trip transport coming up soon, too! Forever Home Feline Ranch in Springfield, IL (who took in Berger from our #15catroadtrip!) is helping us save six cats from animal control here, and we are going to work to get them there! Stay tuned!

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  1. Big brother was so patient with the little one.....adorable!!

  2. Awww, how sweet.
    You are the transport Queen!

  3. Just soooo patient and absolutely sweet. Titles are 'puppy teaches...mother teaches....but yet they call her Grandma". All great but whatever the beautiful older one is, it is a beautiful, loving demonstration of loving and caring. Kudoos to you Dorian....more babies saved!! Travel safe Dodger and Cute Head Drivers.

  4. What a sweet dog!
    I've seen cats do this, too. I have one cat, extremely nearsighted now; she likes to park her butt next to my keyboard with the screen just a few inches in front of her face. I played a video of a kitten who enthusiastically and quickly ran up the cat tree - then turned around, terrified about getting down.
    My cat started talking to the kitten quietly and patted the screen gently where the kitten was. She wanted to help the baby get down from the tree! And she'd never been introduced to the kitten off screen.
    My kitty is NOT an only kitty. I foster kittens often for a couple of shelters, when the babies are too young or have bad health. My kitty just adores them all, no matter what, and mothers them, pins them down to wash them, sleeps with them under her chin (or at least as much as will fit). And when the kittens get crazy, my kitty retreats to the back of the couch where she appears to relax, paws turned under, gazing around alertly. Life guard cat!

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