Jan 16, 2013

Two Cats, One Bowl

What happens when you have two chunky kitties and only one cat bowl? Well, they do the unimagineable... They actually share very nicely and take turns pulling the bowl to them and having a bite!

It's as nice as I've ever seen any two cats share anyway!

BONUS CUTE: Here's a cat and a hedgehog sharing a bowl.

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  1. Just too damned funny! I've never seen this with all the cats and kittens I've had. Just too cute!

  2. LOL.......made my day!!! How cute!

  3. So polite. Well behaved, cats. You watching, Moo?

  4. That is so funny and cute. Who says cats can't share a bowl. Love their system.

  5. This is SOOOO NOT Bongo and Snuggler!!!
    Bongo hogs all the food and pushes Snuggler away!!


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