Jan 14, 2013

Kitten Drives Toy Car

Since this past weekend was dedicated to humans driving cars all over the U.S. for cats, I figured it was time for the kitties to do a little driving!

So here is a spunky little baby "driving" a toy truck. It looks like she's trying to get in the bed, which would make sense... if it was a regular bed for lying in, silly kitty!

FABULOUS NEWS: All the kitties from #15catroadtrip and #3catroadtrip made it home on their transports safe and sound yesterday! Thank you to everyone who helped out and shared and cheered them on along the way! Let's do it again real soon!

If you want to help out driving for a future transport, please fill out this short form, so I have the city you live in and your contact info. (Don't worry - the info is only for me so I can call or email you!) If a kitty needs to go through your area, I'll give you a call!

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  1. Well, it is somewhat like a box....
    That is great news about all of those kitties getting moved.

  2. what a smart baby! and cute! mission accomplished on the transport, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wonderful news Dorian. All the babies have arrived safe and sound by their careful and multiple drivers. New homes for all. Puuurrrfect! Leave it to a Siamese to figure out how to drive that car. So cute. Maru really just wanted to get into the thing (as it is sort of a boxy car). The wee black one was doing okay but neither could beat the blue pt. Siamese. Woooowwwwwoooh!

  4. Texas, a Cat in New YorkJanuary 14, 2013 at 9:23 AM

    Awwww so cute! Maybe he can help you next time ;-)
    Lots of purrs

  5. Purrrroom! Go kitty go! But I also think his main goal was to curl up in the bed of the truck! If it would just stop moving!!! Great, great news on all the transported kitties!!!

  6. Leave it to a kitten to have fun with a child's dump truck. So adorable. YAY for the last cat transport. Another successful mission.

  7. Adorable Kitty having fun! Congratulations on the transport!


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