Jul 31, 2013

Cute Owl Loves Eskimo Kisses

Sweet, gentle nose-to-nose Eskimo kisses are what makes this adorably beautiful owl happy. She loves her kisses and, from the look on her face, loves the person giving them to her, too.

Such a tender little moment caught on film! And what a gorgeous owl. Wow!

(Saw this on Cheezburger this week.)

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  1. OMG too cute, look at her batting those eyes!

  2. handsome guy cute eye batting owl, who could not love this kodak moment.

  3. That is so adorable. I'd be afraid of getting my note bit off.

  4. Awwww. I kiss my Grace like that. There is just something about an eskimo kiss.

  5. Eskimo love-in session! That's not an owl - it's a batting eye pet. Too cute and yes, she certainly loves her owner. What big eyes.


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