Aug 2, 2013

Upside Down Kitten Makes Sleepy Biscuits

Pirate the kitten is one happy, adorable kitty. She lies on her back half asleep and makes lots and lots of happy kitty biscuits! Air biscuits... So sweet!

Turns out Pirate is up for adoption, according to the video description! She is at Big City Little Kitty rescue in New York and this is her Petfinder page.

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  1. OMG too cute. Hey who turned off the music??? LOL

  2. masa, masa, masa......

  3. She is adorable!! I hope she finds her forever home. I would give her a sweeter name than Pirate.

  4. This vid should get her a forever home!

  5. I so hope Pirate gets a wonderful safe home as her beauty deserves it. Darling baby.


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