Aug 3, 2013

Transport Day: 13 Kitties, 2 Transports (and Announcing Cute Transport Network!)

It's transport weekend again! And an extra special one at that! Not only do we have two big transports going at once, but I have some big news to go with it...

It's official! We're official! Announcing Cute Transport Network!

We officially have a Facebook page and a group dedicated to just the transports! I'm so excited!

Now let's meet this weekend's transport kitties!

TRANSPORT #1 - To forever homes and Forever Home Feline Ranch

Linus was saved from the streets of Miami by Cutehead Kerri H. and the others on this trip were all saved from animal control in Broward County, FL! Now they are safe and looking forward to the rest of their lives!

Follow along with this transport on Your Daily Cute and Cute Transport Network's Facebook pages and on Twitter using the hashtag #9catcaravan.

Linus is headed to his new mom, Cutehead Gina O. in Gurnee, IL!

The "Hunger Games Torties" are heading to Forever Home Feline Ranch in Springfield, IL to find their forever homes! Their names changed from their shelter photo. Now they're Katniss, Rue and Primrose!
The Crazy Tail Cocktails! Mojito, Mimosa, Martini (and their mom, Margarita) are also headed to Forever Home Feline Ranch!
Pretty kitty Karma is heading to her new mom, Kat, in Atlanta!

TRANSPORT #2 - Forever homes and Rikki's Refuge

Every kitty on this transport was saved from animal control, and we have some very special ones! This is a very sweet bunch!

Follow along with this transport on Your Daily Cute and Cute Transport Network's Facebook pages and on Twitter using the hashtag #busterandfriends.

Buster (he looks like a lion!) is heading to his new mom, Cutehead Donna S., in Richmond, Va!
Sweet Deja is heading for Rikki's Refuge in Virginia. She had a spinal injury at some point in her life and walks a little carefully and slower, but she is super sweet! Hope she finds the best home!
Eddie tested FIV+ and it wasn't looking good, but Rikki's Refuge was happy to help him! 
Lizzie was saved from an animal control in Central Florida. She is gorgeous and heading to her forever home in Georgia!

Help Future Transports!
Want to help transport rescue kitties in the future? Sign up to be one of our volunteer drivers by filling out this form so we can contact you if a cat needs to go through your area! The more drivers we have, the more cats we can help! Thank you all!

Tremendous Thank You!
We couldn't do any of it without our super partner in rescue, Stacey of Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida for helping get him out of the shelter and all vetted and ready. Our fabulous fosters Dawn S., Cory L., Colleen M., Rita A., Maribel M. for taking such good care of them!

And huge thanks to all our Cutehead drivers! YOU all make this possible. Rita A., Kd P., Lorraine N., Deb S., Shirley G., Melanie M., Desiree B., Amanda D., Julie M., Diane L., Shannon Z., Dixie M., Kim C., Andrea C., Marsha C., Laura B., and Cindy T. and Brenda B.! And super huge thanks to Emily and Desiree for hosting the sleepovers tonight (they are 2-day trips)!

And the biggest thanks of all to the new moms, Kat D., Gina O. and Jeannete D. for adopting their lucky kitties, Forever Home Feline Ranch for helping save so many and finding them great homes and Rikki's Refuge for opening up their hearts also!

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  1. Congrats on the transport network Dorian! That's one list we are glad to be on!

  2. Congratulations on your new Transport Network. That's super great news. You all do a fabulous job. Maybe one day you'll have something in our state and I can help out.

  3. CONCATULATIONS!!! Mom and I just liked your new page and we wish the kitties nothing but the best! Love, Cody

  4. OMG I love them all Buster is gorgeous and Linus is ADORABLE!!! Safe travels, thank you to all of the drivers , fosters and adoptive homes!!! God bless! :-)

  5. Good work getting those cats out of that shelter

  6. A very happy weekend. Safe travels for all....and God bless everyone who has a part in rescuing, transporting and loving these kitties so much. Great news about the transport network. Good work, Dorian!!!!

  7. so wonderful!!! bless all of you for remembering the ones that don't have a voice or a chance without you all.

  8. tehno and his little brother say thank you too. wooff! mehh!

  9. Dorian, you are the greatest. Congrats to your new network. Those kitties are just too cute andI am so happy that they have been saved. I wish I could help with your transports but I amnot ab leto. Good luck to you and all the cuteheads who help you save precious lifes. God bless you all.

  10. We will put up a blog note about the Cuteheads FB page and Daily Cute! Mum and I looked at every picture and read the name of every cutehead to honour those in the transport. Thank you Dorian, Thank You everyone.

  11. Wonderful news as usual Dorian and again, thanks for all you do. I do love the Lion King, Buster! Sorry about his ear but at least he and all the others are on their way to find and enjoy forever homes. The torties are adorable, but every one of them is a beautiful being!

  12. Hey Dorian, I have a friend with a very large camper/bus who plans on taking his cats on a very long trip and camping in the bus all summer, is there a copy of your RULES for transport somewhere, I can't stress to him enough that he needs to acclimate them before he takes off, has a crate/cage in house for stops....... nervous for them.


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