Jul 14, 2013

Most Dramatic Doggie "Play Dead" Trick Ever!

You know the trick where you say "Bang!" and the doggie plays dead? Well, Bailey is the most dramatic, over-reactive, well-acted husky I've ever seen!

He doesn't just lie down, oh no. He makes it the most dramatic doggie death scene ever! Well done, Bailey!

P.S. Poppy and Sylvestra both made it home safe yesterday on the #PoppySylvestra transport!

Poppy with her new forever mom, Cutehead Melanie M.!

Sylvestra with Melissa F.! Melissa will take her to Rikki's Refuge today!

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  1. Oh my goodness....I burst out laughing. Bailey is very dramatic.........loved it. Happy that Syvestra and Poppy had a safe trip. Yay!!! Thanks and blessings to all that made it possible.

  2. Oh the drama! That's so funny! Wonderful for Syvestra & Poppy! Thank you to everyone who contributes in saving all the baby kitty's lives.

  3. Ever so cute and that beautiful dog looks like Miska, the "I love you" Siberian. So happy that Poppy has her own loving home now and Sylvestra will also. Thanks to all the Cuteheads for their incredible work and transports.

  4. Sooooo DRAMATIC!!! BOL!!!

  5. Happy to meet the babies' mammas!!!


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