Jul 19, 2013

The Rescue: Firefighter Saves Kitten and Brings Him Back to Life

Lucky was found alone and not moving or breathing in a home after a fire. A firefighter saw him lying lifeless on the floor, quickly scooped him up and took him outside to try to save him. He got an oxygen tank and some bottles of water, and carefully and kindly -- and miraculously! -- brought the little baby back to life.

It's such a beautiful, touching video. Every little life is worth the effort, worth saving. Hurray for fabulous firefighters!

NOTE FROM CUTE: I did read in an update that Lucky sadly ended up going to Bridge later that night, but I still think he was lucky. He was surrounded by love and shown what true compassion was, instead of being left in the house alone. So glad this firefighter found him!

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  1. A bittersweet story. I do agree with you that Lucky was lucky, though. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  2. at least he knew someone cared;still sad:(

  3. At least the fireman tried his best to save the kitty. It is nice to see someone who cares.

  4. Dear little Lucky.................... and a very sweet fire fighter to care enough to scoop up that pathetic little kitty, all alone and so close death. Maybe God knew best, to take him/her to the big cat bed in heaven. Very sad for poor little kitty, it seems his little lungs were too damaged. God bless him, and Fire Fighter who tried so gently to bring him back. Those big brave hands were so gentle with the little guy. Sad he didn't make it after all, but God knows best.

  5. Dorian,I hate even having to tell you this but that kitty didn't make it.Kitty seemed fine but after being examined by the vet kitty passed.They said this sometimes happens when animals get smoke inhalation,seem fine for awhile but just doesn't make it.Sorry :(


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