Jul 15, 2013

Baby Monkey vs. Kitten

Did you know baby monkeys play just like kittens? The run around and wrestle and all -- and this one gets to do it with his kitten friend!

Darwin the monkey was rejected by his mom, so he was being cared for at The Nile River Camp, in Bujagali, Uganda. They have a kitten there named Alley-Cat, and the two became fast friends!

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  1. so sweet! Happy Monday!!

  2. Darwin and Alley-Cat are quite a duo. Loved it!!!
    I think the dog wanted to play too!

  3. This just makes me smile! Too darn cute!

  4. Tis is sooooooo cute!!!! Little puppy wants to play too but the baby monkey thinks he is too big for him. Kitten is just the right size.

  5. They make really good playmates! Little Alleycat looks like a Mau kitty--my favorite breed!


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