Dec 17, 2013

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp and Moo Help with Santa Paws Drive Toys

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Last night Pimp and Moo were "helping" me inventory all the Santa Paws Drive toys that got delivered. As you can imagine, I'm not sure exactly how much help they were...

There are 16 huge boxes of toys in my dining room right now, and out of all of them, I think Moo quickly found which one had the catnip in it...

This box is MINE.
Pimp waited until he saw what was in each box, and then decided to make his move for the stinkiest one...

If I stretch my neck far enough, I might just get to the catnip candy canes...
Aren't they great helpers? Just wait until I take all the stuff out of the boxes and pile it on my living room floor to divide it up for the six shelters. They're going to go crazy with the "Quality Control" job they do.

P.S. There is still time to donate to Santa Paws Drive! The raffle and cash donations are open till Friday. Let's finish with a bang! Thanks everyone!

P.P.S. Sweet Pea helped in spirit. When the catnip candy cane box came in a couple weeks ago, she was rubbing all over the outside of it. So it got her mark of approval too!


  1. Just be sure you don't pack up Pimp and Moo and ship them out with the toys!

  2. Great to have such conscientious Santa's helpers to help out less fortunate kitties.

  3. they are the luckiest kittehs ever!

  4. Dorian, I did not know you lost sweet Pea. Your Peaheart. My suspicion is that the tumor on her liver was similar to those each of my three Sibes had...they were all fine the day they passed to the bridge...they just dropped...and were soon gone. Our vet explained that that type tumor causes them to bleed internally...there is no pain. Our Sibes were older, but they all passed within an 8 month period...we had 3 joyful Sibes, then none. We feel your hurt with you.

  5. Good that you are busy with all the boxes with toys and treats. Doing good is the best way to grieve - and, of course, you have great "help"...

  6. Every time I think of you and Sweet Pea, Pimp and Moo too, I get a smile on my face through the tears. I know that I am going to lose my sweet Camille fairly soon(my cat, who's 17 with some health issues) as well as my dear Dominic (dog, only 8 with many health issues). I have time to get prepared mentally, yet it will be difficult. Like you, I have to think that we humans have given them our best and provided lots of love in the time that they have had with us. It doesn't get much better than that. You are lucky to have the Santa Paws Drive to take up any slack time that you have (like you have much of that with all the wonderful work that you do!). I just moved and therefore missed out on sending any toys or treats for your drive but I'll send some money ASAP. Have a great time dividing up the goodies. I'm sure that Pimp and Moo will be great help, but hopefully they will be more interested in the empty boxes! That's the first place that Camille always goes! :)

  7. Thank you so much, Camille! <3

    And thank you for the kind words. Smooch your babies for me.

  8. moo is claiming her box! I love Pimp stretching
    to get the catnip toys! how cute! How did Pimp get her name?


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