Mar 16, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp's Shower and New Friends!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! If only every day were Tuesday...

This week we have a little silliness from Pimp, who is usually not the silly one of the two. It's usually Moo who is caught up in strange situations, awkward positions or weird spots. But yesterday, this is where I found Pimp:

Pimp was in the shower! Even Moo is looking at him like he's crazy.

Maybe he thought the glass doors would protect him from Moo the Menace?

Or maybe he thought my shave gel brought in the color in his furs...

I have no idea why he was in there. He's never, ever been in there. I just turned the corner and there he was, just sitting as comfortable as could be, like he sits in there every day or something. Silly Pimp.

And now, I want you to meet our new friends... Guess what? I'm a grandma! That's right, one of the duckies I feed in my office parking lot baby duckies, and they were waiting near my parking space this morning to greet me!

12 baby duckies all cheeping and squeaking! I wish they stayed that cute...

I even got a little video of their cute little fuzzy butts. Enjoy!


  1. The Dynamic Duo are having fun in the shower, but the water is off! The little duckies are so cute, we get to see baby duckies and baby geese soon at our lake!

  2. Pimp, you silly boy!!

    Just look at those sweet little babies! Oh my, too cute!

  3. I wonder why kitties always like hanging out in the bathroom...curious... :)

    How cute are the little ducks ~ so sweet!

  4. What a goof that Pimp is! Maybe he thought nobody could see him in there.

    LOVE the ducklings! Nothing says spring like fluffy ducklings. Thanks for showing them!

  5. The little ducklings are so cute! So far this year we have not seen any bebbeh ducks. Last year we watched a whole family grow up.

  6. Pimp, you are being silly sitting in the shower. But our Tabatha likes to sit in the bath tub. Guess they think something is going to happen.
    The baby duckies are too cute. Will they be able to get to some water. Aren't you lucky to be able to watch the ducks.

  7. awww the duckies are so cute! i would not have been able to resist trying to catch one!

    at least Pimp sits on the edge of the cats have taken to getting into it after i get out of the shower....they end up with damp heads and paws and my tub always looks dirty!

  8. Ohhhh! How I love fuzzy little ducklings! How sweet that Mama Duck came to show off her babies.

    I love the expressions on both Pimp and Moo's faces. Pimp is like, What's the big deal? and Moo is like, Whatchyoo doing in there?

  9. Congratulations grandma.
    Nothing like some quackers in the morning!

  10. Dat Pimp is so cute. I sometimes like sitting in our bathtub. Don't know why - I just do. ohhhh those duckies are so very cute.

  11. Sometimes I go in the shower's just something different!

    We love the duckies! Last summer we had a momma duck lay eggs by our house...but the babies hatched and they all left to find the water!


  12. So lots of cats go in the shower, huh? So weird! Moo likes to go in sometimes, but I just figured it's because he IS weird... ;)

  13. How precious! (The ducklings.)
    How normal! (Pimp in shower.) Three of our six like to hang out there from time to time.

  14. I love how aloof and superior Pimp looks in the shower - his own private domain over which to rule:)

    Your ducky babies are darling (hope they get their grown-up look from their father...).

  15. Such cute little ducky butts!!! I believe they are muscovy ducks, very good at controling skeeter populations, so I am told. YEAAAA!! Hope they stay around and get all the skeeters!
    Louie has had one foray into the shower/tub, unfortunatly while I was in it, and he fell in....needless to say, no further investigation of the tub since.... :-) Love those little "smilin' Irish buttskies" TOO CUTE!!!

  16. How cute! Just in time for spring! It's nice how the mommy lets you get so close to the babies!

    -Miss Mayhem

  17. Yay for baby ducks! And OMC! Pimp MOL hehehe what is you doing in da shower, LociLu gots into da shower once, even slid into da tub but da water wasn't on but it was still all wet.


  18. 12 more parking lot pets to feed!

  19. Love the baby ducks! Don't P.L. kitties bother them? And Pimp, oh my... He looks as tho he's saying to Moo; "Whudda YOU lookin' at!" My Olive jumps in the shower when I get out, then rolls around in the drops, gets out, and finishes her bath on the rug.....<3


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