Jan 7, 2012

The Surfing Bird

This is one of those things that just makes you sit and giggle and smile as you watch. So random, but so cute!

The silly bird landed on this guy's hood when he was at a McDonald's -- and decided to stay put and go for a ride. So the guy took him on a spin around the parking lot (careful not to go on a major street with traffic, love that!) and the birdie just surfed along on his windshield wiper for a good five minutes.

I bet he was just happy to be hitching a ride so he could rest his wings a little!


  1. Looks like a young egret. He didn't seem to be sure, at first, what was going on, but when he turned around and faced into the wind, you could see he was clearly getting into it. :D

  2. Why didn't he juzt eat da birdie?  Silly hoomans!  Wazn't it part of his order at da McDongualz place?

  3. He makes a really cool hood ornament.:)

  4. Silly egret! I guess he liked being chauffeured. 

  5. lol! What a cute and silly bird! At least the person was nice enough to wait for him to fly off =)

    ~ Kieli ~

  6. That bird is an inquisitive little dare devil isn't he? LoL!!!


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