Jan 5, 2012

Cuteheads to the Rescue: 2 Cats Saved from Death Row!

Ooooh! These are my favorite kind of posts! Cuteheads to the rescue AGAIN! This time we're busting not one, but two cats out of a kill shelter!

It all started when I posted about Kain a couple weeks ago. Remember him? A big black boy that I fell in love with and was hoping someone would save? Well, a high school friend's mom came out of the woodwork and said she had a rescue in Georgia, and that she'd take him -- as long as he tested negative for kitty cooties. Well, as luck would have it, the poor big guy tested positive so she couldn't take him. (She couldn't keep separate from her other cats.)

Don't worry, happy ending for Kain! We found him another rescue and he is SAFE!

Now, this woman did a very sweet thing. Since she had made the space for Kain, she said she'd save another kitty instead. So now we were going to have two kitties saved! Kain plus one more!

And then she did an even sweeter thing... She started looking at all the cats on the the list to be "unavailable" after Friday and her heart just melted. She found it in her heart and her home -- and she decided she would save two of them! She even said she'd take two older adult females, since they'd probably have less of a chance for someone else to bust them out of there.

So these two beautiful Southern belles are safe because of her!

The gray and white girl is a bobtail, and Debbie (their rescue person!) decided her name would be Bobbie. The orange and white girl still needs a name, and she said we could help her pick! I put a poll on Facebook last night.

What a whirlwind way to start the new year, Cuteheads!
Together we have helped save three cat's lives already -- and it's only January 5! I have a feeling this is going to be a really, really good year.

So here's where we can all help these two lucky kitties out. Debbie has the space and the love, but her rescue is a little low on funds. We've set up a Chipin to raise the money to get these pretty girls spayed and vetted. They are going TODAY for that! What a week for them, huh? :)

So if you have a few dollars (I know we just raised money for Kain, but I just can't say no to helping more kitties!), please think about helping these girls. They got the second chance at life they deserve and she is going to do her best to find them the best forever homes!

I'll keep everyone updated on them and how they're doing. And Debbie will send us pictures! She said they are two of the sweetest cats ever. So happy we could help them!

P.S. The Chipin page (when you click to it) says 3 urgent kitties because she had even said she'd take 3 at one point! But one little girl tested FIV+, so she couldn't since she has no was to separate them. Two kitties saved is still amazing! :)


  1. Looks like the new year is starting off on a good note.  You are doin good getting those beauties adopted.

    Here's to a good job done, and hopefully more to come.    

  2. Cute, you and your team of Cuteheads inspire me every day. Thank you for all you do for our kitty friends.  I am so happy I found your post and that you take the time to send us updates and "cuteness" on a daily basis.   It is good to see that good people are out there doing good things everyday for the little ones.

  3. How about a Daily Good as a branch of the Daily Cute? We quietly do good every day but sometimes it's good to shout ;-)

  4. I am so thrilled about this! I love to hear happy rescue stories!! Benny and Lenny put in $10. They are both rescue kitties and wanted to help out a little!! :)

  5. Oh Goodness, this is such good news. Yay for Debbie. She certainly deserves a medal. We love to read stories like this. Thanks Dorian. Glad they all have found a forever home.

  6. Yay! It's so nice when you hear the happy stories like this. I do have to mention for anyone reading and thinking about an FIV+ cat - you can mix them with regular cats. I have had one FIV+ and 7 FIV- cats for over 4 years and there is no transference. Usually FIV is transferred via biting (neutered males fighting most often) and once they are neutered that aggression tends to go away. If it doesn't you don't want to mix them anyway! I know of a shelter with 40 FIV+ and 1 FIV- for 5 years and the FIV- is still neg. I think the chance of tranfer is less then 1%. There are so many wonderful FIV+ cats that needs homes. Many of them will never develop FAIDS and you would never know they were FIV+. Last time I went to a shelter with an FIV+ room I got run over from all the cats desperate to love me. You just don't want to mix them at a shelter/rescue level since that is higher stress and it is better to separate the ones with diseases then try to figure out which one in which room needs what care!


  7. I can't count the blessings for a wonderful, sensitive person to save a cat, a dog - ANY animal from being euthanized just because no human cares! All of you rescuers are worth of a medal from heaven !
    Unfortunately I live in an Apt and was only allowed to adopt one kitty (please keep it for yourself: I adopted (2) two of them,w/o the sanction of my landlord. But please:purr-shhh!).

  8. That is amazing! And the year just started! Thanks so much for posting this. It's great to hear people giving animals a chance :3

    ~ Kieli ~

  9. I  admire you so much for adopting (2 kitties) being in an apartment. Cats are extremely clean, very quiet (with exeptions!!) so I do not see the point of landlords refusing permission for tenants to have them. They are way cleaner  more desirable than MANY HUMANS!!!    
    Enjoy your beautiful feline housemates  - I bet they show you daily how much they love you for adopting them. And they give you much joy every day! They are the laziest little animals, so they are perfectly happy to snooze much of the day indoors; way safer too, not being at risk of being hit by cars.  Give them a cuddle & kiss from me and my 6 free-loaders.  (I used to be a foster mum ......... and the Timid Tessies do not get homes...... so they stay..... & stay.......!!)


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