Feb 3, 2012

Pit Bull Gets a Kitty Massage

I think this sweet pit bull must have ordered the super-deluxe spa treatment. Just look at what an amazing facial massage he's getting from his cat friend!

It must be so relaxing! Plus, I bet kitty is purring, which adds an extra vibrating action to it for even more soothingness. (Yes, soothingness is a word. Because I said so.)

This is the kind of video all those crazy BSL-backers need to see.

BONUS CUTE: More kitten massage therapy!

Thanks to Cute's friends at Start the Change for sharing this adorable video!


  1. Aww, and pitty pays for his massage with kisses! So sweet.

  2. What a sweet, sweet video! I love at the end when doggie gives kitty a small face wash. Like that was kitty's payment for a great massage!!! haahaahhaaa  I love to see sweet things like this with Pit Bulls. There are no bad doggies, just bad owners!

  3. they are so precious!

  4. so cute....liking the relaxing music too :)


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