Sep 7, 2012

Mixy the Skateboarding Cat

Mixy is one cool kitty with some serious skateboarding cat skills. All she needs is a little push from her mom, and she's off on a serious ride across the room!

I have a feeling this video might be her first time on the board, but she seems to be a really quick learner! Check her out around the 45-second mark -- she really gets going!

BONUS CUTE: Check out this skateboarding goat and skateboarding dog!


  1. I think she's got it!! What a pretty girl!!!!

  2. She seems to know what to do!! Such a gorgeous gal!!

  3. Skateboarding goats, skateboarding cats. What is next? Skateboarding HUMANS?!

  4. Whoa whoa whoa. Now THAT would be ridiculous.

  5. What cats have to put up with to please us humans! So cute.

  6. OMC, that's it, I'm getting a skateboard for Odin. Maybe it'll help him win the Cat Ruler of the World contest since he's the underdog, um, cat without managers, endorsements or fancy tricks.


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