Sep 5, 2012

This Dog is the Best Exercise Partner Ever!

Hate to exercise alone? No worries, all you have to do is train your doggie to be your partner in fitness!

Splash does every single move his mom does with her, from squats and curls to downward dog and push-ups. Wouldn't you work out all the time if it was this fun... and if your workout buddy was this cute?

Thanks to fab friend of Cute, Melissa, for sending this video in!

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  1. What a smart doggie!!!!! The cat is all: Oh HELL no, I am not working out!!! I love how the little guy jumps in at the end!

  2. That's a little dog in the basket :)

  3. Really cute. A very smart dog!!!! The little guy at the end is cute too!!!!

  4. Always good to have an exercise partner

  5. Very impressive moves Splash! What a cute video.

  6. Exercising would be so much fun w/ a buddy like this!


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