Oct 21, 2012

I Want You to Pet Me

Oslo the cat is looking particularly inviting, isn't he? Lying floofy belly-up and reaching out with his paws, making come-hither biscuits.

You want us to pet you, Oslo? Wish we could!

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  1. Oslo is just too beautiful for words. Just makes you want to pet, nuzzle that tum-tum and cuddle, cuddle, cuddle. I love his colors - summarizing - he is gorgeous!

  2. Oslo...you are so gorgeous!! Wish I could pet you!!!

  3. Oh Oslo! Tummy rubs needed! Sweet baby!

  4. Oh Oslo!!! Love you! Air biscuits!!! what a snuggly, lazy boy!!!

  5. So Adorable!! He is doing muffins up in the air! Aaaahhh. Cuddles cuddles!

  6. Oh Oslo! You are such tease! I just know that the second I start rubbing your furry litte tum-tum, the bunny kicks and teeth will come out! :) You floofy, funny little darling!! :)
    (I'd try anyways!) :)

  7. Too lovable for words!!
    X's & O's


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