Oct 27, 2012

Cranky Bulldog Puppy Hates Being on His Leash

Porter the bulldog puppy is a cranky pants. He does not like being on his leash and is super grumpy about it.

And when he's grumpy, he pouts. And when he pouts... he makes these ridiculously adorable gurgling little bulldog grumpy cranky-pants noises.

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  1. Why u laughing? I am TRYING to pitch a fit over here!

  2. Oh my.....such funny noises from the little puppy..........lol

  3. OMG I know he is probably mad that they are laughing at him. cutest grumpy bulldog EVER not since Teddy bear the porcupine have there been such funny noises!

  4. I am breaking out my tiny violin for that poor, poor doggie

  5. OMC! These certainly are some pretty weird !! sounds. Is he just being grumpy or trying to express some other views? Too funny - some sounds are almost cat-like. He is also very cute in all his vocalizing.


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